Fleur De Horrors

Signs All Around Us

Remember running through the grass as a kid and feeling free or unstoppable? Then next thing you know you’ve fallen, or something sharp has punctured your foot. Ever think it may be a warning?! 

We all know the nature is very connected to us. Lately on popular social media you can see videos of people asking trees to touch them and ether by coincidence or not, the tree seems to stretch out and touch the person. 

Well, here is a tale of young lady and how the grass saved her from danger she didn’t even know was coming. 

She woke up at the morning’s light to do her daily chores before heading off to school. She loved the way the dew felt in the morning and would run her fingers through the bushes and grass as she waited on the chickens to eat their food. Once she was done, she got her pails and put them in the barn. The barn cats went running from the sound of the steel pails making noise. Just then she heard what sounded like foot steps in the grass and turned back to see who was coming. No one was there and just then, it seemed like the a breeze was going over the grass. She could almost make out that it seemed like the grass was pointing her back in the direction of the house. This made her nervous and she dropped what was in her hands and sprinted to the house. Her father asked her “what happened?” When she recounted what happened, he said “It must be those cats.”  She stared out the window towards the grass and could almost hear it swishing. Shaking without a sign almost. Her father headed off to town to take the latest crops in for sale. She gathered her books and headed off the long drive way to school. The grass began moving in a frenzy, as if a great wind was sweeping through. But there was no wind. Just her, the books, and the long drive way out to the road. She got an uneasy feeling and started running out the driveway. Faster and faster till she 

was sure something was truly after her. So she darted into the glen and then fell on a log that was from a dead tree that once stood long ago. She skinned her knee and her white skirt was stained with green. She looked at the distance from the house and then to the distance out the driveway. Then she wondered why today felt so weird and different. She looked at the house and it seems as if the grass was blowing and glittering towards the house. So she ran back to the house, more afraid of her walk to school than what her father would say once he found out she missed school. 

She fell asleep, tired from all the nerves of the morning. She woke to a howling wind and dark skies. A tornado. It was just beginning to form. She looked out the window and saw it was hovering near where her school was. She ran outside to get to the tornado shelter and the grass again glittered, pointing the way to safety. She stays there and hears all kinds of noises and then silence. Unsure if it was truly over or just that the fear had taken over, she huddled in a corner and fell asleep. Hours or minutes later who knows, she heard the cellar doors shaking. Frightened that the storm has found her, she tucked her head down. Then sunlight comes in and there is her father weeping and desperately calling her name. She responds back to him and they embrace. 

He says he can’t believe she’s here! How did she escape the tornado that destroyed the school and most of the town? She replied, “he grass wouldn’t let me leave home.” He chuckles and calls her a smart silly little girl. Years pass, and she is now an adult bringing her children to see their Papa. She sits with him on the porch looking out towards the now overgrown grass. She then asks him, how’d did he know she was in the cellar and not lost like the others in the school. He looks at her and said “I didn’t know what to do after the storm, I thought I lost you. I came back here hoping for a miracle and as soon as I hit the driveway there was this strange breeze moving the grass and only the grass. I ignored it till I noticed, or imagined, it was pointing at the cellar. I looked inside and there you were!” The both of them sat silent and then said almost in nsync, “thank you” the grass. They never spoke of that day ever again. 

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